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Sudden Sky

Sudden SkyThis piece is in a group show this month at Collector in Berkeley along with 4 earlier works. Perhaps this piece is influenced by the West, but there is so much to absorb I think it will be a while before my art reflects what I see and feel in this new environment.


Sudden Sky – oil on canvas  16″x20″






Seagulls Taking Flight

Dear Friends . . . 

Love, Virginia

Birds in Flight2

Seagulls Taking Flight – California Coast, photo by VG 2008


November at the Shore

Nov Shore redux smA northeast coast – I look forward to sharing my Pacific and west coast impressions soon.


November at the Shore – 20″x20″ oil on canvas





Stratosphere — 16″x24″ mixed media on board

Changing perspective: we see the world as we see ourselves – a continuing spectrum fracturing and coalescing in unexpected ways – a fluid and dynamic process of self-reflection.


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