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Reflection - 15"x22" monoprint on paper

Reflection – 15″x22″ monoprint on paper

Reflection: 1. throwing back light without absorbing it, 2. serious thought or consideration.

This summer was an intense immersion in monoprinting for me. I hope you will visit the monoprint page on my website and check out my other new work: http://virginiagiordano.com/Virginia_Giordano/monoprints.html

Reflection – 15″x22″ monoprint on paper




Stratosphere — 16″x24″ mixed media on board

Changing perspective: we see the world as we see ourselves – a continuing spectrum fracturing and coalescing in unexpected ways – a fluid and dynamic process of self-reflection.


Please visit my website for more new work: VirginiaGiordano.com

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Contemplation & Wishes

April Wishes

Contemplation & Wishes oil on paper 8″ x 11″                                                                                                                                    Virginia Giordano